iTunes Choppy HD Video Fix for Windows

iTunes HD Video Fix

Since iTunes version 10.5 rolled out, numerous Windows users, along with myself, have been plagued with choppy video issues. The problem presents itself as a pause during video play with the sound continuing in the background. The video will then “fast forward” to catch up and resynchronize. I spent the last week tracking down the solution so you don’t have to!

First of all, let’s rule you out if this fix won’t work for you. Ask yourself these questions:

Am I running iTunes version 10.5 or later?

Does my computer meet the minimum requirements for HD video on iTunes?

If you answered “no” to either of those questions, this fix isn’t going to help you. Looks like you’ll need to research what’s going on yourself.

For the rest of you however, here’s the rundown: In iTunes version 10.5 Apple introduced several new features such as synchronizing your devices via Wi-Fi. Though this particular feature can be incredibly convenient for most users, it’s also terribly implemented on Windows. Even after the initial “pause” – “hang” – “freeze” that occurs during device discovery, iTunes continues to check something in the background (only the developers could tell you what that is for sure). I’ve read forum posts where some people had success setting iTunes to “Run as Administrator” under “Compatibility” properties, and some others using Apple’s troubleshooting methods; though mostly I only found dead ends. Then there’s the inevitable finger pointing – it’s your router, you have too many devices, or why are you running Windows anyway?

Folks, there’s only one way to fix it (well, two, if you’re so upset with iTunes that you’re ready to ditch it for something else): turn off Wi-fi synchronizing for each “i”-device you attach to. You’ll need to click on each device (while it’s attached to the computer either via cable or wifi), scroll down in the info screen, and uncheck the “Sync with this device over Wi-Fi” box, then hit “Apply.”

iTunes Sync Box Screen

I outlined the option you need to uncheck in red

Once this is done you’ll probably need to restart iTunes and resync each device with a good old-fashioned cable, but your movies and TV shows should once again be smooth as silk.

Admittedly, this is rather disappointing coming from such a great service provider as Apple. I don’t know if iTunes is in this state because they’re simply not focused on any platform other than own, or if they’re trying to give Windows users a reason to move over to Mac. Either way, this has caused me to start considering other possible services for my digital HD movie fix.

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