Who’s behind Tommy Twisters?

In a nutshell? Me! My name is Jeremy Adams, and Tommy Twisters is my alter ego that allows me to produce and release whatever I can dream up.

So, what’s with the name?

I enjoy writing and dabbled in becoming an author early in my career. I wrote a childrens book titled The First Big Adventure of Tommy Twist where the main character is faced with solving certain puzzles called Twisters. I then wrote the Twisters into computer games and Tommy Twisters was born!

What happened to the games?

I finally took them down, as maintaining them for an ever changing field of technology was becoming increasingly difficult.

What are your future plans for the books and games?

I plan to continue writing, but it might be a while before returning to the universe of Tommy Twist. I have several other ideas stuck in the recesses of my mind that also need to come out before they decide to forcefully drill their way through my cerebellum.

Where are you?

I’m located in Fresno, California, USA – about an hour and a half drive from beautiful Yosemite National Park.

Glacier Point Yosemite